A boutique resort designed to cater to your every need!


Garden Tours and Nature walks - Wander our extensive private gardens full of wonderful, bright tropical flowers. Breathe in the aroma of our fruit garden and pluck a Mango from a tree to sample the delights of Fiji. Complimentary tours. 

Coconut demonstrations - Coconuts play such a major part in Fijian life, it is no wonder people are experts at climbing to retrieve them. Be awestruck by the remarkable climbing technique, and give it a go!  Complimentary.

Fishing - Fiji is well known for its game fishing scene attracting many fish species. Game Fishing trips start early in the morning and sail around a variety of different areas, or borrow a handline and try your luck in the lagoon.  Price on application.

See our attractions page for the wide range of operators that service our resort for more incredible experiences.